I found Janira at the perfect time.... 

She helped me dramatically shift my life, both internally and externally. I'm simply amazed to look back and see where I was when I started working with her. The biggest shift was changing how I looked at food, which changed my relationship with food. This in turn stopped my daily stomach issues, and helped me live more intentionally. Sounds simple, but man, I had tried so many things for years! She helped me get out of my head, decide what I really want, and provided unending encouragement and support throughout the whole process. She has a serious knack for knowing what needs focusing on, and navigates that so gracefully. Janira gave me many tools to better myself, physically and emotionally. She is such an amazing person to have cheering you on. Janira, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. -Suzie B.


My name is Amanda. I've had Janira as a health coach for almost a year now. I have been interested in health and fitness for a while and working with Janira has kept me more motivated and consistent than I would be on my own. Through positive support and guidance I feel like I am more on track and in the right direction to understanding my body and what it needs specifically to function at its best. Its more personalized.

Working with a health coach/ NRT has helped me to reevaluate my lifestyle and my behaviors. I've set goals. I may not be perfect but I'm a work in progress. I have seen changes in myself, my attitude, and for my future. I've seen changes in my weight, my acne has cleared and I feel more energy. NRT is more personalized than anything I've ever experienced. I enjoy learning how and why certain foods and behaviors have affected my health and I'm still learning how to treat my body right to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Janira for my first introduction and for helping focus and appreciate myself. -Amanda W.


Before working with you I was feeling frustrated about my health and the inconsistent results I'd gotten with Western medicine. Overall I've been dealing with PCOS, hormonal issues, fatigue, malaise, brain fog, anxiety and depression for most of my adolescence and young adulthood, with worsening symptoms over the past 5 years following a family tragedy and traumatic life events. I also think I've been struggling with PTSD symptoms as well, including chronic insomnia, difficulty concentrating, being jumpy/easily startled and irritable.  I sought out help because I've been striving to take control and make changes in my life, and my health seemed like the most important and best place to start. Your story of your journey with your health really resonated with me, because it sounds like you have had to deal with similar frustrations and symptoms.

Since starting a health coaching program, I've come to believe that a holistic approach to health is the wisest and most effective to make actual lasting changes. I've also been noticing that I generally have much more consistent energy throughout the day, less pain in the back of my neck than I was having before, and less cravings. I am more regular as well. -Nicole E.


I was feeling an almost constant fatigue felt most acutely after meals. Digestion was slow and uncomfortable. I sensed that certain foods were upsetting my stomach and it got to the point where I was afraid to eat because I didn't know what would cause indigestion. I also sensed a yeast overgrowth (due to recent yeast infections) which I thought was connected to the digestion and fatigue. I found info on the internet but I needed guidance on how to deal with that as the main issue.

Janira pinpointed what my body was saying and needing and now the biggest issues that I felt are being addressed. The supplements I am using have almost completely eased my indigestion. And so far no more hormonal yeast infections! The food journal is helping me keep track of my new diet and making me more aware of how I treat my body. -Maggie H.


I didn't really know what working with a health/life coach entailed let alone realize I was in a place in my life where working with one would be so beneficial. 

January 2014 - I had just quit a job that consumed my life and soul for 3 years. I felt like damaged goods, but I knew I had to get out of the situation before it worsened. I knew I had to change my life around, but I had no idea where to start or what path to take. I was happily leaving the music industry, however I had no idea where I was going to go from there. Insert Janira Martinez -health coach extraordinaire. 

When I started working with Janira I had zero confidence, my motivation was drained and I was overwhelmed about the endless possibilities I could choose from for my life goals. The only thing I prided myself on was my ability to take care of others and make sure those around me were happy. I had no intention of doing those things for myself.  My diet was horrendous, which I have now learned was effecting my entire being. To top it off I had just been diagnosed lactose intolerant which was crushing as I'm Italian! I also was struggling to lose weight despite eating what I thought was healthy and exercising. 

In six months, Janira was able to get me to finally focus on taking care of myself nutritionally, mentally and emotionally. She made me aware of things about myself I didn't know was inside of me in 29 years of existence. Janira constantly reminded me that I was "worth it." This made me willing to give myself the care I deserved. Once I started eating healthier and treating my body with pride, everything in my life fell into place. I'm happy to report that since working with Janira I've lost a few dress sizes without even focusing on calories or feeling like I'm on a diet! I'm also cooking really fun new foods and eating truly healthy.

Now it is time to thank you, Janira. Thank you for coming into my life at the right time. Thank you for your patience, guidance and love. You provided me with a lifetime of tools and practices that will allow me to live a happy life. You also showed me the way to love myself – something I’ve not experienced in the previous 28 years. The past months have been critical and the most powerful days I’ve lived so far. I hope you continue to coach for a long time, because the world will be a better place after you enter many lives. Love is what makes the world go ‘round and that’s exactly what you’re delivering. 

Janira made me realize that happiness starts from within!" -Alicia P.


Looking back, I didn't even realize how bad it was. I had way obvious mental sluggishness, I was a bit hyperactive, very stressed out, easily irritated, and had very bad allergies and very little energy. It seemed like the hours would escape me because I was too exhausted to do anything. 

I now feel amazing! So much energy, barely any allergies, little to no mental sluggishness (I cheat a little), no hyperactivity and stress is at an all time low!!

I've been excelling at work, at home, and inspiring people on my journey. Most of my meals are planned, which saves even more time with all this energy I have now! -Stephanie H.


Janira, you have been a light in my life and helped me ignite the light within me during those dark times….you have helped me to realize and acknowledge my potential and let me know that we all deserve the best. If we want, if we plan, and if we do take an action, there is nothing that can not happen, for sure we need luck , we need to be patient and trust the process but we need to acknowledge our potential and believe in ourselves. THANK YOU dear wholehearted Janira for letting me realize these and experience the results when I do a plan and take action. -Didem C. 


"Since working together on a health coaching program with Janira I've lost 10lbs, gained more energy, and developed a better relationship with my husband. I never thought the last one would be an outcome of a health coaching program but I'm not complaining!" -Lucia W.


I feel that eating greens is now something i do without thinking or planning. Even the last grocery shopping trip I went to the greens and vegetables first. The other great thing is that my boyfriend is eating more green too, and I have been batch cooking which has helped me avoid eating bad food because I have good food already in the fridge. On tip of this I have been snacking at work about 40% less than I did a month ago. I feel proud of myself and these choices feel more natural to me now. -Anna P.


I started working with Janira because I had high cholesterol, my knees bothered me a lot and I also was overweight and had frequent headaches and insomnia. Janira found I had a fungal issue and toxicity in my body.

I started taking supplements and changing my diet and now I've lost weight- from a size 12 to an 8! My cholesterol has lowered from 274 to 210 and my knees are no longer painful. I also no longer experience migraines and now sleep through the night! 

I feel really happy with the changes in my body and with my health improvement. Thank you!!! -Miguelina M.


Thank you SOO much Janira.

You are a natural!! I feel a lot better today but I know it's a major work in process.

Just feels good to be on the right path. Thank you for this insight, look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. -Eva L.


My symptoms included emotional anger, frustration, and depression. Spiritually blocked, i.e. not positive of my beauty or grounded in my existence. I was physically restless and had bladder and stomach spasms and irritable bowel syndrome.

Now: HELLO!!! So good! With the supplements and dietary changes I sleep better, have energy and a sense of well being and duty to myself and others. Thank you! -Nicole M.


Having gone through the six month program with Janira Martinez has helped dramatically transform my health not just nutritionally but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Being a health coach myself, I have a strong understanding of food and lifestyle "nutrition".  Still, working with a coach other then myself, really helped me improve my level of awareness and understanding of the connections between my stress levels, emotional eating and other areas of my life such as career and relationships. 

Janira provided the accountability and external support I needed to feel empowered to take control of my health and wellbeing, staying true to my authentic self and unique path, which has transformed my life.  I am so very grateful to have had Janira as my coach! -Katie C.


I was experiencing some stomach issues, where I would throw up most of the things I ate. Experiencing IBS and feeling tired all the time.

Once I started the program I started to learn what food to eat and healthier options. I cut down on eating a lot of junk food. My skin has gotten better and my weight has been consistent, before It would fluctuate. Also my bowel movement became normal and consistent.

A few weeks after I started my program and eating more vegetables and taking the whole food supplements I felt a lot more energized. Being part of the program helped me realize how common my stomach issues were since most of my friends have experienced certain things and it starts the conversation of eating healthier.

Overall I'm thankful for the experience and learned so much. It is also a better alternative to just taking medication and getting misdiagnosed where really its all about what you eat. -Rhianon C.


Since a car accident 6 years ago, I developed fibromyalgia where I would have regular episodes of muscle pain, however since adopting Janira's protocol my symptoms have greatly reduced. I've also had problems for many years with food intolerances, which caused terrible abdominal pain when I ate dairy, eggs, wheat. I have tried many things to alleviate this in the past but none have worked as well as Janira's protocol. My symptoms have pretty much disappeared which makes my daily life so much happier. My skin has definitely improved also, where I used to have a lot of breakouts causing great stress, particularly at my age of 45, thankfully they are few and far between now. Janira has helped me a great deal over the past few months. Her expertise and knowledge has benefitted me and I am delighted with the results of the protocol she prescribed for me. It was very easy to follow and she was always on hand to answer any queries I had. My overall health has improved and I feel so much better. I have learnt a lot about myself and my body and would encourage others to seek Janira's advice to improve their wellbeing in body and mind. -Karen B. 


I recommend you to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves. You have helped me understand the intrinsic value of listening, being more attentive, being more assertive and less defensive, and being vulnerable. A fear of rejection was stifling my personal growth. I felt so much pain from a relationship that failed after six years and one engagement that I actually feared I would die alone. Thanks to you, I got unstuck. I no longer fear dying alone. I feel much better about myself and better about life, even though I have yet to find the one. I'm hopeful. I'm enjoying life's journey. I enjoyed the practices and tools you shared because they forced me to look deeply within and gradually become better and stronger. Through our work, I have learned that my desires are much stronger than my fears. -Cecil H.


Working with you really has been a holistic transformation. It hasn't been an easy journey to discipline my mind and body towards healing myself, but you have created a safe space for me to feel vulnerable, empowered, determined and accepted- in short, working with you has allowed me to begin to embrace myself, getting to the roots of what my mind and body truly need, discarding the self-made false narratives that have led me to struggle with my health and self image for what seems like my whole life. My journey is far from over but your guidance has truly shifted the way I see myself now and how I want to see myself in the future. My mind and body are more clear than ever! <3 -Mariko A.


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