Life Coaching is a process that supports you to get clear on what you want for your life, find out what's holding you back and receive the support and guidance needed to move forward.

How does Coaching work?

As a Health & Desire-based Life Coach I provide support to my clients to help them make long-lasting life changes in their lives.  I generally work with women and men like yourself who have pretty good lives but have a nagging sense that things could be better.

Over a period of time we work together to discover what you most want for your life (AKA your desires) and the blocks that are keeping you from having those things. Through coaching we break through those blocks and transform your relationship to them so you have power to create whatever you want in your life.

As your ally I listen attentively and direct you to your own answers. Whether you are learning to deeply connect to your emotions, fine-tuning your relationships, or connecting to your purpose, desire-based coaching allows your brilliance to shine through and the inner radiant you within to step you forward. In turn you can transform your life and become the woman or man you are meant to be.

Why do I need Coaching?

No one needs life coaching! But anyone who wants to perform optimally in life has a coach. Think about athletes, singers, actors, and other successful people. What do they all have in common? They all work with coaches!

Let's be honest, we've all set resolutions, vowed to change, better ourselves or a specific area of our life only to find ourselves struggling, repeating patterns that don't serve us, or simply staying stuck in the same old same old because "life" got too busy, too crazy, too... you get the point!

Working with a coach provides the support and accountability to have real breakthroughs.

What can Coaching help me with?

Coaching can help with:

  • Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem

  • Navigating Dating and Relationships

  • Setting boundaries- Saying yes and saying no confidently

  • Self-Worth: Believing yourself lovable and worthy of your desires

  • Desire- Getting in touch with what you want and learning to ask for it

  • Pleasure and Sex

  • Living Your Purpose

  • Emotions - Working with Anger, Sadness, Upsets, Frustration and Stress

  • Self-expression: Connecting to your creative side

  • Food, Nutrition, & Optimal Health

If you've tried working on these things in the past and failed, or you haven't had the results that you want then you might benefit from an increasingly popular new resource—a life coach. Unlike, say, a friend who just listens to you (hopefully) or gives you advice, a life coach is trained to help you identify and overcome personal roadblocks so you can achieve real transformation.

What are the logistics?

As a life coach I work one-on-one with clients via phone, facetime or Zoom which means I work with clients all around the world! We have regular calls over the course of a few months where we discover your desire, tap into the root of what's stopping you from having them, and steadily make progress toward what you want. I provide quality attention, thought-provoking questions, support for connecting to your body and your innate wisdom, resources for going deeper between sessions, assignments for integrating what you learn into your life, and tools you can take with you beyond our time together. My clients also have access to me for email check in's between sessions for additional guidance and support.  

There are several program options allowing you to choose what works with your desires and your life! Specific recommendations will be made following the initial Exploratory Call. Please see below for more info. 

What happens at my Exploratory session?

Before our first chat: I send you an initial email with a few questions that allows me get a deep understanding of who you are and what you want to work on and allows you to get deeply acquainted with your desires.

At our Exploratory session we go over these questions, talk about your desires and paint the vision for what your life would look like if you had them, dive into the things standing in the way and discuss the ways in which coaching can specifically help you. If it's a fit I make you an offer to work with me and you are free to say yes or no. 

Who this is for?

Life Coaching is for anyone who wants to take their life to the next level. It benefits anyone who desires support in tackling their blocks and anyone who wants guidance, support, and accountability to help them live a life they love.

What are clients saying?

I feel stronger. I feel more in touch with the courageous part of me because Janira helped me access that. I take a step back now and think about what's best for me in this situation and how I can communicate that. I also feel like I can finally say no and stand in my truth more, that is huge for me! 

In coaching with Janira I gained many tools- one is a tool to clean out the fear and the root causes of my limitations. I've also gained the tool of accessing this strong, desire filled part of me we call wonder woman. The tool of feeling my way more in every situation helps me know how to handle it.

Janira is such an amazing coach. She asks me all the right questions to dig down deep into what it is that I'm really feeling and sometimes it surprises me. I love when she reflects back to me what I'm saying because to hear it is so helpful in making me really see it! I love when she shares her personal experiences with me to help me understand my own, they are always incredibly helpful. I truly enjoy our sessions, I feel like we always go deep and I have breakthroughs on every call! -Kim W.

How do I get started?

Please Contact Me to set up your FREE 90 minute Exploratory Conversation.