You dream of a real relationship

You put yourself out there and start dating

You meet someone interesting and go on three dates

And then he drops off the face of the earth

You’re left wondering, ‘WTF’?

Or perhaps you meet someone you finally connect with and date for a while

But the relationship never gets its footing and leaves you hurt and disappointed

After a few rounds of this you’re still dating, but losing hope


You’ve given up on dating altogether

Am I meant to have a relationship?

Is love in the cards for me?

What’s the point of any of it anyway?

But deep down in your heart you still dream of it and you want it. You really, really want it.


Love teaches us who we truly are, how to value ourselves, how to stand for what we want, and how to keep our hearts open even when it’s really, really hard.

You are a single woman ready to share your essence and beauty with another, ready to move into the love and relationship you want and deserve. Someone is waiting for your light. Not someday. Now.


If you are sick of dates that don’t go anywhere

and you are ready to call in the relationship you crave to your life

Please join me for Healing The Blocks To Love

An 8-week course for single women ready to learn what it takes to truly open your heart to love


Open to and worthy of love

Confident to express your desires

Powerful in asserting your boundaries

Free of past relationships and heartache

In alignment with what you really want

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I feel stronger. I feel more in touch with the courageous part of me because Janira helped me access that. I take a step back now and think about what's best for me in this situation and how I can communicate that. I also feel like I can finally say no and stand in my truth more, that is huge for me! 

In coaching with Janira I gained many tools- one is a tool to clean out the fear and the root causes of my limitations. I've also gained access to the strong, desire filled part of me we call wonder woman. The tool of feeling my way more in every situation helps me know how to handle it.

Janira is such an amazing coach. She asks me all the right questions to dig down deep into what it is that I'm really feeling and sometimes it surprises me. I truly enjoy our sessions, I feel like I have breakthroughs on every call! -Kim W.


Working with Janira has really has been a holistic transformation. It hasn't been an easy journey to discipline my mind and body towards healing myself, but you have created a safe space for me to feel vulnerable, empowered, determined and accepted- in short, working with Janira has allowed me to begin to embrace myself, getting to the roots of what my mind and body truly need, discarding the self-made false narratives that have led me to struggle with my health and self image for what seems like my whole life. My journey is far from over but Janira's guidance has truly shifted the way I see myself now and how I want to see myself in the future. My mind and body are more clear than ever! <3 -Mariko A.


Healing the Blocks to Love is an eight week course for women looking to get free of what holds them back from the love and relationships they want. This will be a course that teaches you to how let go of what’s not working and actually have fun in your love life.

The course consists of 8 LIVE classes where I will teach you how to get crystal clear on your desires in love and develop tools to stop settling for less, release the unhealthy patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you from having what you want, increase your confidence and self-worth so you can call in the right people, and how to use sex and other pleasure practices to magnetize what you want. We’ll also tap into witchy magic and the power of sisterhood to welcome in love and relationship.

There will be a WhatsApp group where you can ask questions and receive coaching in between calls as well as learn from other women on the journey. On top of this you’ll receive tools, exercises and handouts to help you implement all that you learn into your life.



Week 1 - Connecting to Your Heart’s Desire

Explore the magic and power of your desire, Set intentions, Open to new possibilities in love

Week 2 - Overcoming Obstacles

Identify your fears and limiting beliefs and the ways they limit the opportunities for your life

Week 3 - Relationship History

Gain deeper awareness on your past, reveal your blind spots, Discover what’s been holding you back

Week 4 - Letting Go of the Past

Complete unfinished elements of your past to regain the power to create your future

Week 5 - Embracing all of You

Gain deep approval for all aspects of yourself, Release shame, Increase confidence

Week 6 - Receiving your Desire

Learn sexy and pleasurable ways to fill yourself up, Feel worthy to ask for and have what you really want

Week 7 - Connection and Sisterhood

Learn the immense power of sisterhood in supporting your desires and becoming a bigger and better version of yourself

Week 8 - Live with your Heart Open

Reflect on your journey, Celebrate your growth, Learn how to live with your heart open



Janira Martinez & Emmett Farley

Janira Martinez will be leading this program. Janira is a Desire-based Life Coach who teaches women powerful tools to connect to their bodies, emotions, and desires. By reconnecting to these long-forgotten parts of themselves Janira's clients experience increased confidence and pleasure, an ease of self-expression, and a greater connection to their purpose. Janira's ten year journey in healing her relationships with men and welcoming in a beautiful relationship inspired this course and she's excited to share all she's learned along the way. 

Emmett Farley, Janira's partner and co-creator of Healing the Blocks to Love, will be guest-teaching on select calls. Emmett is a Life Coach and Meditation Teacher with a background in music and Tibetan Buddhism. Emmett brings a calm and rooted presence to his coaching and creates space for his clients to slow down, feel more deeply, and develop a greater sense of self-compassion. By releasing shame and strengthening the connection to true desire, Emmett's clients come to know themselves and gain power in their lives. 



8 x 90-minute LIVE Group Classes

Digital Workbook to guide you through the journey of opening up to love

Private WhatsApp group, an intimate space for coaching and connection

*BONUS* 1:1 Support call to support your journey through the transformation



When I started working with Janira I had zero confidence, my motivation was drained and I was overwhelmed about the endless possibilities I could choose from for my life goals. The only thing I prided myself on was my ability to take care of others and make sure those around me were happy. I had no intention of doing those things for myself.  

Janira was able to get me to finally focus on myself. She made me aware of things about myself I didn't know was inside of me in 29 years of existence. Janira constantly reminded me that I was "worth it." This made me willing to give myself the care I deserved. Once I started  treating myself with pride, everything in my life fell into place. 

Now it is time to thank you, Janira. Thank you for coming into my life at the right time. Thank you for your patience, guidance and love. You provided me with a lifetime of tools and practices that will allow me to live a happy life. You also showed me the way to love myself – something I’ve not experienced in the previous 28 years. The past months have been critical and the most powerful days I’ve lived so far.

-Alicia P.


  • You want a relationship but seem to keep meeting unavailable men

  • You keep going back to an ex even though you vowed not to

  • You resent men and the things that happened in your past

  • You avoid dating due to fear of having your heart broken

  • You keep sabotaging relationships and are ready to change

If you are scared to ask for what you want, if you’ve given up hope that you’ll find your perfect love, if you’re putting all your attention and energy into work to avoid dating at all costs and you’re ready to have what you really want…




Q: When does it start?

A: The first LIVE group call will be TBD

Q: Is it live?

A: It will be LIVE!

Q: Will it be recorded?

A: Calls will be recorded and accessible for participants reference only.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: Forever! All the videos and content are yours to keep!

Q: Why is it in a group?

A: We designed this as a group course for the power of connection and sharing. In a (virtual) room full of love from supportive sisters cheering each other on we can feel the permission to come out messy, raw, and confident, and with the power to carry that out into our lives!


Janira, you have been a light in my life and helped me ignite the light within me during those dark times….you have helped me to realize and acknowledge my potential and let me know that we all deserve the best. If we want, if we plan, and if we do take an action, there is nothing that can not happen, for sure we need to be patient and trust the process but we need to acknowledge our potential and believe in ourselves. THANK YOU dear wholehearted Janira for letting me realize these and experience the results when I do a plan and take action. -Didem 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Working with Janira I was able to honestly look at my life and assess what was missing, what I wanted and what I truly deserve. I'm now able to see my worth and value. I am more clear about what it is I want and now understand that I am valuable enough to go after those goals. 

The coaching work we have done together came at the exact right time in my life - I was stuck and complacent and felt like I didn't know where to go next. Janira helped guide me in the right direction by showing me how to be honest about what I desire and what I deserve. Once I started to be truly honest with myself about what I wanted (something I don't know that I had ever done before), I was able to open myself up to envision what that might actually look like and what I needed to do to get there. We also worked a lot on what it is I believe I deserve, and realizing that there is no one telling me I can't have what I want but me. Our work helped me make a lot of scary decisions, and rip off many a bandaid that needed ripping off. I know that it was each conversation and the little changes we implemented together that opened up space in my life. It’s really nice to see hard work pay off. -Leigh



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