Hello! I’m Janira.


I became a Health & Desire-based Life Coach [almost] by accident. I was working with nutrition clients helping them heal from chronic health issues and coaching them through the changes that were required to improve their health. Many clients got results from the detox protocols, supplements and dietary restrictions I gave them (clearer skin, better digestion, balanced hormones to name a few), but others stayed stuck despite doing all the right things and others progressed a little only to regress again later. Being the perfectionist that I am I sought out an answer to this phenomenon: What was going on here? Why were some clients having results? The search for this answer transformed my work and my clients lives.


Through in depth conversations with my clients I found that for clients to have real breakthroughs with their health other things in their lives needed to be addressed. That meant looking at seemingly unrelated areas like relationships, work, and sex and getting real with the impact of dissatisfaction in those areas of their lives. With the information my clients shared I started exploring solutions for supporting my clients in making real changes in those areas of my lives- what transpired is the complete transformation of many of my clients health and lives. Many people I was working with got deeply connected to their purpose and thus transitioned away from unfulfilling jobs, others stopped people pleasing and got control of their life back by learning boundaries and learning to say no, and others  had real healing in getting comfortable expressing their emotions and their desires. 


Taking stock of the greater picture became a bigger and bigger aspect of my health coaching practice. As I did this work I started to receive referrals for clients who didn't have any health issues but were interested in the types of transformations and breakthroughs that their friends had experienced working with me: meeting the partner of their dreams, having turned on sex, getting back to their passions or discovering new ones altogether, starting their own business, and landing dream jobs. Naturally my life coaching practice grew. As I also did more and more work on myself (confession: I'm a personal development junkie) with groups like One Taste and Landmark, via spiritual texts and teachers from Osho to Gabrielle Bernstein, and with energy healers and shamans I naturally incorporated what I learned into my coaching work. Over time my practice blossomed into the unique blend of Health & Desire-based Life Coaching that I now offer.


Reflecting back on my journey, it's natural for my work to have evolved this way.  My life is completely reflected in my business. Before any of this I had a career as a fashion photographer. Glamorous as it sounds I only looked happy and shiny on the outside while actually feeling completely unfulfilled and spiritually bankrupt on the inside. I spent many years suffering from chronic health issues during that phase of my life and attempted to resolve my symptoms via nutrition alone. I had some results but it truly wasn't until I dealt with the emptiness I felt in my work and relationships and the unresolved trauma from my past that my health actually changed. Finding my voice, making friends with my body and my emotions, discovering my purpose, and healing my past lead to a powerful transformation of my health and my life- in fact in the process I created a life beyond my wildest dreams.


My mission is to share what I've discovered with others via my one on one coaching and group work.  I love support women and men alike in creating the lives they want by letting go of fear and welcoming in desire- desire being the portal for purpose, connection, and love.


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