Hello! I’m Janira.


I found my passion for nutrition through my own long and frustrating journey to health. Many don't know this about me but I spent seven years trying to alleviate my various health issues including: embarrassing acne, horrible periods, uncomfortable digestive issues, and chronic fatigue. I visited tons of doctors and alternative practitioners and spent countless hours on the internet researching cures and potions without much luck. This left me frustrated, hopeless, and quite depressed.

At the same time, I was working as a fashion photographer in New York City. I had an exciting career shooting gorgeous people in beautiful clothes and I spent much of my time attending fashion shows and parties. I'll be honest, it was a lot of fun, but deep down I just wasn't fulfilled. I felt like something was missing and like I was meant to be doing something that gave back to the world but I wasn't quite sure what that was.

Then one day, as if by divine inspiration, it became clear. I met a former model at a fashion event who told me her inspirational story. Cue the fashionista who spent years battling her own health challenges and then studied to become a health coach only to end up healing herself, then quitting her career, and starting her own health magazine. In that instant I lit up; I felt like I saw a woman who started where I was and I saw all that was possible for me. Feeling super inspired I actually enrolled in the health coaching program at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition the next day.

During my health coaching program I spent a lot of time exploring my body, heart, and soul and going deep within myself to figure out what I needed to live a healthy life FOR ME. It was the first time I learned that good health goes beyond food and that relationships, career, home life and other factors are just as important. With the help of my personal health coach I experimented with different diets, lifestyle adjustments, and spiritual practices. Eventually I realized that I had hit a block in my health improvements and I connected the dots to see that my lack of fulfillment and purpose was a big part of what was keeping me sick. With lots of support and encouragement I finally decided to connect to my true passion and start my own health coaching practice.

Soon I had a repertoire of health coaching clients and success stories- women losing weight, increasing their energy, and gaining more confidence. It was so amazing I knew I had to keep going. I left the photography world completely in 2014 and completed further training so that I could help women with even more complex health issues like adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, and IBS. I then had some heart opening personal experiences with Reiki energy healing and decided to add this to my practice which completes the story of how I developed the method that I currently use in my practice: a method that focuses on true holistic healing of body, mind and soul. 

I feel blessed to be living my purpose and my dream. And I feel healthier and happier while doing it. Which is why I have to admit that it's partly selfish that I've made it my mission to help other women experience what I have: great health, deep connection to their purpose and more happiness in their everyday.

How would your life be different if you could tap into your limitless energy, your natural health, and your radiance? What would it be like if you could live the life you were always meant to live?

What are you waiting for?

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